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this is not the end….but the beginning of it all!

At some point in our lives we all have to take a risk. Last week, I did just that…I resigned! I have been working for the company for over 7 years, with no job to go to. I handed in my resignation 3 days earlier than planned and after my last working day will head off on a  2 month break in Japan and the Philippines.

I was inspired by others who resigned by doing something out of the ordinary. So I asked my friend to make me Fortune Cookies, each containing a line from my letter of resignation. All credits belong my friend Vanessa and feel free to visit her page My boss appreciated the creativity but was sadden by the news that I was leaving.  


Here’s what the letter said; 

‘Dear Greg,

I Milan Avenue would like to inform you of my resignation effective from today. My last working day would be the 28th November 2014. Thank you for letting me be a part of Police Bank Limited. I wish the company and its employees the very best in the future.


Milan Avenue


About Milan of Sydney

Just another blogger having a crack at this and see where it leads me..... I believe if you're good at something never be afraid to express it regardless of what people may say or think of you. Achieving what we want in life comes with a price and sacrifices doesn't come easily! When I write I feel someone listens and hears me. A conversation with myself, where thoughts, feelings and ideas and opinions are express. My inspirations are the people crosses path with, places I’ve been, writings I’ve read and most importantly from my own life experiences, obstacles and ups and down. So follow my blog, leave comments or suggestions because life is a lesson not just a journey. Thank you. Milan of Sydney


One thought on “this is not the end….but the beginning of it all!

  1. Congrats Milan on the move and for the courage to follow your heart and dreams! I’d love to see you when you come back… we are moving to Macedonia in May – hope you are back before then! Blessings, Brooke

    Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 04:01:40 +0000 To:

    Posted by Brooke Filipovski | 30/10/2014, 8:47 pm

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