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here’s my latest poem for you all to enjoy. thanks

Roses are red
When the skies are blue
You’re the flower in my life
And a dream came true

A part of me
Has been a part of you
We took the same road
And gave the best of us two

So much love deep inside
And feelings higher than the sky
Nothing can separate us too
Until the two of us die

You will always be
The one that fills my heart
A Mona Lisa of my own
But more than a symbol of art

Our moments will last
As long as there is a time
Because you are my sweetest


About Milan of Sydney

Just another blogger having a crack at this and see where it leads me..... I believe if you're good at something never be afraid to express it regardless of what people may say or think of you. Achieving what we want in life comes with a price and sacrifices doesn't come easily! When I write I feel someone listens and hears me. A conversation with myself, where thoughts, feelings and ideas and opinions are express. My inspirations are the people crosses path with, places I’ve been, writings I’ve read and most importantly from my own life experiences, obstacles and ups and down. So follow my blog, leave comments or suggestions because life is a lesson not just a journey. Thank you. Milan of Sydney


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