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I Love Me

Ipods has been around for many years but I only started using one about three years ago. I remember being on a bus when I was changing Discs in my CD walkman. People were looking at me, perhaps wondering ‘Who is this guy with that disc and has he heard of Ipods’. So out of embarrassment I cave in. I bought myself an Ipod, uploaded my musics and now I wish I had done this much sooner. So this is what I was missing out on! I said to myself. It made listening to music much easier without any fuss of changing discs.

Following a new trend can sometimes be beneficial and makes life enjoyable!

We all want to be up-to-date with new gadgets and trends. Acronyms have replaced words for communication online. We must  keep up or we will be left behind. I am a part of this society that is constantly changing. There is nothing wrong with being up-to–date.

Change is good if you adapt to it the right way. But staying who you are in a society that is constantly changing is not an easy task. You will be misunderstood. You’ll be laugh at. They’ll think you’re weird or stupid. They’ll even dislike you simply because you love doing things your way. I am a living proof of that!

I enjoy the company of my friends but I prefer to go to the movies alone. I love dining with others as well as dining on my own. I sprinkle Milo on my coffee. I make avocado ice cream. I have pink shoes and am not afraid to wear anything pink. My favourite color is red. My music taste varies from ABBA, Barry Manilow, Cosmic Gate, Perry Como, Garth Brooks, Ministry of Sound to Adele and so on. I self-affirm myself. I’ve been to Slovenia, Iceland and Hungary and recently I discovered how much I like the taste of cinnamon so I went berserk and sprinkled it on any food and drink I could think of.

Is there anything wrong with that? Is it wrong to love myself the way I do? Would it undermine my masculinity because I admit to wear anything pink? Does it make me a loner for dining alone or watching films by myself? Is it wrong to be by yourself? Does doing something your own way mean you’re out of touch with reality?

Weird. Strange. Freak. A loner. Attention-seeker and my favorite ‘always trying to be different’. I have been called by these names and many others. Ignoring them wasn’t easy. Whenever I hear those comments it would bring me down. I felt uneasy and left me wondering if it was  true or not. Days go by hating myself. I would hate myself more than the person who called me names. I know when a joke is a joke and when it is not. I’m not just talking about words. Action speaks louder than words. People would roll their eyes and turn their heads at me. They’d talk, laugh and call me names behind my back. Others freely express themselves in front of me.

But hey, you can’t expect everyone to like you!

To this day I still remember we were told at school to follow our dreams and be who we want to be. So I did. But no one told me that it’s not going to be an easy pursuit. In fact, there was no advice or warning signs about  the misfortunes one could face once the journey began. Not even a hint about obstacles let alone how to overcome problems when disappointment strikes. I don’t know what happen to the rest of my class but here I am today blogging!

We are not all the same. We like to think we are, but deep down in each and every fiber of our being we are all completely different. We can do the same things. Have the same things. Think the same things. But there’s always a part of us that will be different from one another, and that is the ability to make choices.

I choose to be me. To do what I want, be who I want. I choose my own happiness. I choose not to conform to society. I keep myself updated and well informed, but I choose not to be inundated by everything. I am in control of myself. I wear pink any day I want, not just during Breast Cancer week. I make myself happy. I do what I want not to be seen or heard or be the centre of attention but because I love being me. Yes, it may seem strange, embarrassing or unusual but so what. It makes me happy and at the end of the day what matters most to me is that I’m enjoying my day not out of selfishness but out of love for myself!

So go out there in the world. Break your shells. Start being who you really are. Be the person you always wanted to be. Be brave. Be an individual. Be true to yourself. Don’t hide who you really are. Make your own happiness and be happy at last. Yes, they will laugh at you. Yes, they will talk behind your back and some might even begin to dislike you. You will feel isolated. But the good thing about all this is your freedom to be yourself.

You can adapt to the changes that society throws at you. You can be a part of what’s in and what’s out. You can blend in and be part of the crowd. I am that person but I always make sure that I don’t lose who I really am. I let my real self be a part of the crowd. Yes, it’s noticeable. Yes, I stand out from the crowd but that’s the beauty of staying true to yourself being who you are in the sea of people. But never let self-centeredness get in the way because this will affect people’s view of you. There is a big difference between being who you are and someone who simply after attention. I can honestly admit that I have never done things to be the centre of attention. I was called and have been mistaken to be that but I honestly do things my way because that’s  how I want to do it and it what makes me happy.

I Love Me! I bought the shirt at last. I wear it not as an advertisement but an expression of not being afraid to be me. I Love Me! I don’t care what people say or think of me. You shouldn’t too! I Love Me! I am responsible for my own happiness and so are you. I Love Me! Because if no one else, who would? So I do!



About Milan of Sydney

Just another blogger having a crack at this and see where it leads me..... I believe if you're good at something never be afraid to express it regardless of what people may say or think of you. Achieving what we want in life comes with a price and sacrifices doesn't come easily! When I write I feel someone listens and hears me. A conversation with myself, where thoughts, feelings and ideas and opinions are express. My inspirations are the people crosses path with, places I’ve been, writings I’ve read and most importantly from my own life experiences, obstacles and ups and down. So follow my blog, leave comments or suggestions because life is a lesson not just a journey. Thank you. Milan of Sydney


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