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The best thing about travelling is not just about the experience or the journey itself, but the different kinds of people you meet. Some become lifelong friends while others leave unforgettable memories.

While staying at Big Hostel I met Yourie from Rotterdam. So before starting my Icelandic adventure I went over to visit him and see the place he calls home. The excitement of seeing him once again is what I have been dreading the most as part of this adventure.

He took me around Rotterdam and showed me his home. I met his dad as well as his scary dog! I bump my forehead on his room ceiling (ouch it hurts so  much)! He wanted a new cologne so I bought it for him as his birthday present. But though it was a short stay we had a great time and it was nice seeing him once again. I miss him already! He’s like a younger brother to me!

The best part of travelling is meeting people! I can say that again and again. Why? Because strangers become our friends. People help us be who we are and what we want to be. Most importantly, some people see us the way we cannot see ourselves and point us in the direction where we should be.

It’s not ‘Goodbye’ but ‘See you later’ for Yourie and I. it might be awhile before we see each other again and until that time comes, as for me I will always go back and forth to relive the times we shared together. Sometimes, it’s rare to find true friends at home so you meet them travelling and when you do, when I do, I keep them close to my heart for as long as we both a part.

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Just another blogger having a crack at this and see where it leads me..... I believe if you're good at something never be afraid to express it regardless of what people may say or think of you. Achieving what we want in life comes with a price and sacrifices doesn't come easily! When I write I feel someone listens and hears me. A conversation with myself, where thoughts, feelings and ideas and opinions are express. My inspirations are the people crosses path with, places I’ve been, writings I’ve read and most importantly from my own life experiences, obstacles and ups and down. So follow my blog, leave comments or suggestions because life is a lesson not just a journey. Thank you. Milan of Sydney


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